Take a peek at my LinkedIn to see what I've been working on professionally.

Listed below are a few side projects I've worked on recently.

Yup, this website is a project in and of itself, and you can find the public repository for it here. I started with a minimalist Jekyll template and have tweaked it quite a bit over the years. After struggling with overcomplicated and bloated WordPress sites, I wanted something simple and fast, with the content front and center. For a static site that changes rarely, Jekyll certainly delivers simplicity and speed, netting this site a perfect 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights.

React Node Template

React Node Template is a web app template I put together in early 2020. It's based off of full stack JavaScript patterns I've used both on the job and in personal side projects. Prioritizing rapid development and turnkey deployment to the cloud, I've always wanted to open source a project and this seemed like a good place to start (offered under the permissive MIT License). I kept this template extremely simple and unopinionated, but might add to it in the future or write some tutorials based off of it.