nowTweets is a web application I created during Summer 2014, based on the idea that interacting with tweets in a more geographic way could be fun or even useful. The server is written in Node.js. I used the excellent Socket.IO library to create and manage web sockets for real-time map updates, and I used Mapbox with the Leaflet.js library to load and manipulate the map. I maintain a Twitter account here with updates about the project.

I think nowTweets has been my favorite project to work on so far, because of the interesting content I've come across while using it and the positive feedback I've received from the community. It was even featured on Product Hunt a while back.


Exaday is a news website I created for the software community. The intended goal was to curate and present only the most important news to the busy software professional or enthusiast. The server is written in Node.js. I hook into several social news APIs to pull stories, which are then added to the Exaday front page and tweeted out from @Exaday using the Twitter API. The hottest stories of the week are condensed into a newsletter and sent out to a subscriber list using the Mailchimp API.

Simple Blocker

Simple Blocker is a Google Chrome browser extension that I created. Development began in March 2013, and I consider it to be in a "mature" state as of April 2015. Simple Blocker is a free app which allows you to block any number of websites that you specify, with the end goal of boosting productivity. You can block websites for a specified amount of time, or lock the app with a password and block those websites indefinitely. I use the app myself whenever I have trouble focusing a particular task or work in general.

Hot Stock Bot

@HotStockBot is a Twitter bot that I created in my free time using Python. I originally started out just wanting to tinker around with the Twitter API, but then decided that a continually running news update bot might be an interesting project to take on. It has since then evolved into a source of several types of financial updates for its followers. @HotStockBot uses an algorithm to determine the trending stocks of the day, which it tweets about. It also tweets financial news headlines, as well as regular Bitcoin price quotes. As of April, 2015, it has sent out over 22,000 tweets.